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Alcoholic Drinks


Our licensing agreement only allows us to sell alcohol with food orders. If your order does not contain a meal from our menu you will not be allowed through the checkout when selecting an alcoholic drink. For delivery orders, an adult must be present to produce identification and sign for the order. The management or delivery driver has the right to refuse to serve alcohol. We operate the Challenge 21 scheme for all alcohol sales: Put simply - if a customer appears to be under 21 they must prove they are over the age of 18 in order to make a purchase.

Shochikubai Kaori Cold Sake (180ml)


Kimoto Junmai Cold Sake (300ml)


Ozeki Sake Dry (375ml)

Ozeki is made from premium rice processed from starch in their very own rice mill, with superior brewing technology nearly three centuries old

Ozeki Sake Dry (750ml)


Plum Wine (750ml)


Asahi Super Dry (330ml)

Over the years Super Dry has continued to expand its popularity while offering refreshing good taste and drinking pleasure